About Me

So, my hairstyling journey began back when i was just 15 back in 2003 (wow i feel old!).

I absolutely loved doing braids on my friends for our school trips and updos on their family weddings.

Back then, hairstyling wasnt my only passion, i wanted to finish school, get a ‘proper’ job so i did and hairstyling became an ‘as and when’ type of hobbie.

Fast forward to 2015, i had my first born, Hamza. I always had said when i do get blessed with children, i didnt want to be a full time ‘working’ mum, i wanted to devote myself to them, so i left my management job and started to raise Hamza.

6 months into raising Hamza, i felt like i needed to pursue my passion and got into Hairstyling on a flexible basis, Alhumdulillah i have never looked back.

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